Office of Member and Family Affairs

What is the office of member and family affairs?

The Office of Member and Family Affairs (OMFA) is here to help people who get Medicaid mental health benefits. The OMFA is made up of staff at the Colorado Health Partnerships’ office, and Advocates at each community mental health center. OMFA works with clients, family members and designated representatives to help people in their recovery. Local consumer and family advisory boards also advise the OCFA about a variety of issues. The OCFA staff are here to help you:

  • Advocate for you to make sure your rights as a member of CHP are respected
  • Help you access the benefits you are entitled to
  • Help you know and understand your rights as a member of CHP
  • Ensure you have access to the grievance and appeal process if you are unhappy with your mental health services.
  • Help consumers and family members get involved on boards and committees
  • Teach the community about mental illness
  • Support consumer and family run programs
  • Educate professionals about recovery and family-centered systems of care

How can I join an advisory group?

CHP is interested in hearing about your experience with the mental health services that you get. We want your feedback so that we can improve our services and fix problems. You can help us do this. CHP has a Member Advisory Committee in the mental health center area. We also have a CHP-wide committee called the Recovery Forum. Medicaid members from throughout the state participate via phone, internet or in person. Anyone who gets services, parents of children or family members are invited to become a part of the advisory committees. To learn more, call 1-+800-804-5040 and ask for the Office of Member and Family Affairs.

How can I talk to a client of family advocate?

CHP has client and family advocates (PDF) at each of our partner mental health centers. You can also call the community mental health center in your area.

CHP Client and Family Advocates (PDF)
CHP Community Mental Health Centers
Cultural Competency Plan (PDF)