Medicaid Covered Benefits

Medicaid pays for the services listed below. If you have other insurance besides Medicaid, check with your insurance policy, because not all services are covered under all plans.

Outpatient Counseling Outpatient services are provided in an office or other community setting and usually last under one hour.
Intensive Case Management Many children who have mental health needs are involved in several systems (school, judicial, mental health), and require a variety of special services. Intensive Case Management services are community based services, provided to children who are at risk of needing more intensive services or who need extra support to live in the community. A case manager will coordinate these services or connect children and families to services.
Home-based Treatment Services Home based services are therapeutic services for children and adolescents and their families. Services are provided in the home by trained professionals.
Medication Management Medication management is an on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of prescribed medications. Medication management is only done by a doctor or trained and licensed prescriber.
Day Treatment Program Day treatment provides mental health treatment along with special education. Counseling and behavior management programs may be a part of the educational program.
Emergency/Crisis Services These services are provided for mental health emergencies. They are available 24-hour-per-day and can be provided in a hospital emergency room, or by a mobile crisis team.
Therapeutic Group Home or Community Residence This is an out of home placement that provides treatment, structure and supervision when a child does not require inpatient hospital services, but does require 24-hour therapeutic services.
Residential treatment Children or adolescents with more serious problems receive intensive treatment in a campus-like setting on a longer-term basis.
Hospital treatment The child or teen receives a full range of psychiatric treatment in a hospital setting, 24 hours a day.

Other Services

The following services may be offered in your community. To learn more, call your mental health center or CHP.

  • Home-based services for children and adolescents;
  • Vocational and employment services;
  • Intensive case management;
  • Respite services;
  • Drop-in centers;
  • Clubhouses;
  • Peer services and support services;
  • Peer mentoring for children and adolescents;
  • Assertive community treatment programs;
  • Warm (telephone support) lines;
  • Special services for adoption issues;
  • Early childhood intervention services;
  • Family support, education and training services;
  • Multi-systemic therapy;
  • Prevention services and early intervention activities;
  • Recovery services;
  • Supported employment.

Questions Parents Should Ask

Parents should always ask questions when a professional recommends mental health treatment for their child or adolescent. Questions parents should ask include:

  • What kind of treatment will be provided and by whom?
  • How long will my child be in this level of treatment?
  • What is the cost? How much of the cost will be covered by my insurance? (Medicaid eligible children and teens do NOT have co-pays for mental health care in Colorado).
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this particular service or program?

If your are uneasy about the answers you get, or still have questions, get a second opinion about the best type of program for your child or adolescent. If your child or teen is Medicaid eligible and lives in one of the CHP counties, call 1-800-804-5008 to ask for a second opinion.