Choosing a Mental Health Professional

  • Ask the professional for his or her background and experience.
  • Get a second opinion if you feel uncomfortable about the diagnosis or treatment that is prescribed.
  • It is just as important to feel comfortable with your therapist, as it is to have a therapist with good credentials. If you don’t relate well to the therapist, find another one.

In the first meeting with your professional, there are also some questions you can ask to get an idea of her understanding of recovery and mental illness.

  • "How long have you been counseling people with problems like mine?"
  • "What can you contribute to my recovery?"
  • "How often are you willing to meet with me?"
  • "Are you willing to work with other service providers along with my family or friends of my choosing as a partner?
  • "Do you have any concerns about my problems?"
  • "Do you mind that I want to be involved in all the planning and decision-making about my treatment?